So…Now What?

Today is The Day.  The Day I’ve been dreading all summer long.  The Day my purpose in life is questioned.  The Day the clouds come in and depression lugs an oversize suitcase.  The Day I’m faced with nothing but time and stark loneliness.  The Day I knew was inevitable but never really believed would arrive.  The Day the clock and the calendar suddenly seem so fleeting and blurred.  The Day the curtain draws on everything I have been, everything I am and everything I thought I was meant to be.  The Day my head spins inside of itself attempting to watch my life in reverse while it is indeed speeding forward.  Today is The Day.  The Day my baby left for Kindergarten.

caedmon bus caedmonbus

4 thoughts on “So…Now What?

  1. Michelle, Be happy that Caedman went so willingly and there were not tears for she and yourself know she was ready for this big step!

  2. I feel for you I was exactly the same sending everyone of my kids off to kindergarten. Cried with everyone of them. Lacey cried with me and then I felt bad I made her cry. So I had to be strong for her to have a good day. Then I took her to College last year and it started all over again I cried and she cried and again I had to be the strong one. Although I think she was the strong one and then I cried when I was out of her sight. Did it again this year as We left her at her dorm.
    What a life. But remember this is our job to raise them day by day and teach them to be independent and know you have acomplished what you were out here to do. But I will never stop missing those days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Michelle, Just finished lettering your semi. Jeremy was like a little kid with his first tonka. Your design turned out super!
    I wanted to get online & check out your other designs. Well, I got distracted by your entry about feeling empty with your daughter going off to kindergarten. Dont feel like she doesnt need you… just wait until next year when the homework starts! I have a 16yr old son who amazingly has very little homework, and a 13yr old daughter who spends 2hrs EACH DAY doing homework. I love helping her study for tests and have been suprised at how much algebra I remember! But yes, I am mere 2 years away from my son graduating (and my husband realized that last summer -finally) and that emptiness scares me to death.
    I can’t wait to meet you sometime.

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