Wednesday, October 03, 2007

ya think?
Current mood: nauseated
Category: Life
Silly Binky. It’s all in the cheeks! Are you so desperate for attention that you’ll risk a lifetime of love for a moment of pleasure? Oh, she’s sleeping…oops, not anymore! I was just warming up…what are you looking at? Heavy on the chocolate syrup. The magic’s gone. Lullabys are a proven method to soothing babies. Rock a bye, baby, the cradle will rock. Thanks for your help. I should go now. I’m moving to Australia. We have to go back to China. Maybe I could get my special power back. Or, I could get a new one! If I want to do something right, I just do the opposite of what he does. Peek-a-boo! You can’t marry potential. Well, you can, but potential is never present tense – and wouldn’t that suck? Every single day of your life is personally gift wrapped and given to you by God – do you accept the gift with graciousness and gratitude, or do you squander it away as though it never existed? Curious George. Nothing lasts longer than eternity. Is your eternity secure? Or are you hoping for the best while preparing for the worst? Whatever. Oh, man, he sunk. And he’s pooped. Never mind the tan line. Like a monkey to skiing. Oh, there he goes. Poor guy. Hmmm…..
Currently watching:
Curious George Takes a Job and More Monkey Business
Release date: 28 August, 2007

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