Monday, October 29, 2007

Are you kidding me?
Current mood: infuriated
Category: Parties and Nightlife
K, so I just finished watching the latest episode of Brothers & Sisters. I’ve got a headache from holding in my tears till the ball dropped! In this episode, one of the sisters is getting a divorce, and in the middle of custody nastiness. She finds out that her ex husband has been going for primary custody, completely unbeknownst to her and her lawyer. Her daughter, who is probably 9ish, is just sick with the idea of leaving her mom. At the end of the episode, the ex comes and picks them up to take them to live with him, and this mother is completely torn up inside, while encouraging her kids that they will have such a good time with their daddy. As soon as the door shuts behind them, the mother just falls to the ground, a complete and total mess, of course. That’s when I finally let the tears fall…

So? Why the heck did you just replay a stupid television show? I’ll tell you why. For crying out loud, THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE CHILDREN WHEN YOU ARE DATING SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went through my parent’s divorce when I was 10. It sucked. It was horrible. I still remember being asked who I wanted to live with, Mom or Dad? Who asks a 10 year old that question? How am I supposed to choose between my parents? It was an atrocious position to be put in. From there, I went on to be physically and sexually used and abused – to the point of being “rented out” by my evil step-mother to disgusting men (and women) who lived in filth and had the smell of cheap beer on their breath. I went through so much crap as a child…and my parents were totally clueless. And actually, still are.

How do you allow your child to even go into another woman’s home for an extended period of time? Especially someone you have only met for a few minutes during exchanging of the children at the halfway point? Sick. If you have any doubts whatsoever about the kind of parent your “boyfriend” will be, GET OUT NOW. Don’t be so naive as to think that they will become responsible and loving just because they are with you. It doesn’t happen that way.

I cannot, in a million years, even fathom fighting over custody of my kids. Then to have someone legally take them out of my home, away from me?? Never. Life isn’t about how we feel today…it’s about the legacy we want to leave behind. Your legacy is your children, and your children’s children. Do you really want to leave behind the fact that you wasted your life with some loser you met in a bar, that lied to you and cheated on you and walked all over you as though you weren’t in existence? Come on! Use your head! You don’t find good husbands and loving fathers in places like that. Think about your future children, because they will come, and before you know it, they will be old enough to feel the impact of your foolish decisions.

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