Friday, November 09, 2007

That’s my boy!
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Okay, so some of you might recall the frustrations and struggles Jonathan (and we) have gone through for the past 3 school years. A quick recap for those who don’t: He’s advanced, bright, and a nerd at heart. Problem is (just like you hear), if he isn’t challenged academically, he and his class performance will suffer. Needless to say, he wasn’t challenged AT ALL. First grade completely sucked the life out of the little boy who knew how to read and write before kindergarten. He no longer cared, and to make it worse, even got to the point of not liking school. I firmly believe this set a horrible foundation for him (the teachers didn’t agree), and second and third grade only went downhill. In second grade, I was actually advised that Jeremy and I might be hindering more than helping when we work with him at home with advanced subject matters. Third grade, he had a behavior problem, was bullied, and no longer participated in class. After a pretty major ordeal (he found a banana in his desk with a razor blade implanted in it), we called it quits, and sent him to another school in the same district. Okay, got the gist?

Here we are, fourth grade, and he is doing marvelous. His very first day of school, he came home so excited because he loved his teacher, he loved the school, he loved his bus, and he made five friends! It only got better from here, and we got our little boy back. He strives to make those A’s, loves interacting in class, hangs out with well behaved kids, actually enjoys his High Ability class, has excellent behavior at school AND at home and has become a very responsible and fun loving 9 year old boy.

Icing on the cake? His Parent/Teacher conference went soooooooo well! First off, when we walked in, Mr. Bath says, “Let me tell you this is the one PT conference I’ve been looking forward to. Your son is great.” The teacher loves him, said he’s a wonderful addition to his classroom, commented on how bright and intelligent and above benchmark he is, and told us he will continue to challenge him in the classroom. He said Jonathan loves participating in learning and discussion with he and other students, sent him home with an EXCELLENT report card, and told us Jonathan had a perfect conference! YAY!!!

Jonathan, you rock! Not just because you’re our genius :), but mostly because you stayed true to yourself and the gifts that God gave you. You had a great attitude starting out the new year, and look where it has gotten you! Good job, kiddo!!!! WE ARE SO DANG PROUD!
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