God’s Temple

In my study time this morning, I am being reminded that God is the builder of my life – not me.  How many ways do I try to build my own life?  My own destiny?  My own self?  If I have died to sin to live in Christ, why do I try so hard to be happy?  To be productive?  To be well thought of?  Is my life about my happiness?  Is my only goal to be contributing to society?  Will I ever gain everyone’s approval?

Of course, the resounding answer to all of the above is NO.  Since when do I become the highest priority?  Did God not bring me here on this earth to bring Glory to His name?  The final questions in this morning’s study were these:

  • What ways do I reflect the image of God?
    • My unending loyalty to those I love.
    • My love and submission to my husband’s authority as a man of God.
    • My willingness to give grace and mercy to my children (again and again and again…).
    • My commitment to service in our local church body.
    • Giving credit and thanks to Him for every blessing he pours down on me.
  • What areas of my life do not reflect the image of God *gulp*?
    • My resistance to selfless living.
    • My laziness.
    • My use of unnecessary language that does not point to God.
    • My lack of communication with the God of the universe.
    • My unwillingness to turn to His word for answers.
  • Am I willing to allow God my Builder to do all things necessary to build me into His image?
    • Am I?  Am I really ready and willing to give God the okay to proceed with His plans?  Am I willing to get out of the way? Am I willing to lose myself for finding Him?  How much am I willing to sacrifice?  Enough to where I can feel it, but not so much that it hurts?  God, please work in me.  Please squeeze into my life so I have to move my own agenda.  Grow in me, that I might experience the fullness of You.  Please allow me to see and appreciate the suffering you went through to give up your only Son to save my sorry ass (I felt this was necessary.  Or do I need to work on that?).  I love you so much, and I’m so thankful to you for giving me a heart that wants to know You more.  Please, God, can I know You more?

What are you holding onto?  What things do you need to rearrange so that God doesn’t have to pound His way in to your heart and your life?  Please share with me by commenting below – and let’s share life together.  Life in Christ.  Life for Christ.

Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?      1 Corinthians 3:16

4 thoughts on “God’s Temple

  1. Love you Tweedy! Thank you so much for always sharing your awesome blogs with me! I love how your mind works! Smooches!

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