Thursday, August 03, 2006

Forget about your two left feet
Current mood: determined

I just finished my bible study for the morning, and again, another insightful and thought provoking one. The key verse is Matt 6:33,34 and the title of the study was “Plate Spinner”.

Just early this week, I had the opportunity to experience professional plate spinning-not for beginners! I had Tammy’s kids, so altogether I had 6 kids in my charge, age 8 down to 1. In my day to day life, I feel like a plate spinner, juggling the responsibilities of being a godly and supportive wife to a husband who works very hard to support our little family, being a responsible and objective mom to two people that God Himself entrusted to me to teach of His love, His provision, His discipline and His will. How do I do that when I myself struggle trying to hear the answer? Then there’s the job of keeping the books straight for our business, keeping my family fed with healthy and balanced food, keeping our home clean and somewhat ready for anyone to drop in and feel at home, keeping my cherished friendships nourished and cared for by spending time in person and in prayer with and for them and their children. Top that off with a helping of attempting to lead our congregation in intimate and meaningful worship, and you can stick a fork in me.

But God tells us in Matthew 6 that HE alone will deliver me. He will not keep all of the plates spinning in perfecty symmetry, but He will deliver me. I try to follow a literal priority list every day, one that I have to physically consult, making sure that no matter what, my relationship with Christ is first and foremost. I’ve learned that in following that, the rest will naturally follow suit.

God is good-feel free to dance.

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