8/20/06 again

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

God is good, God is great, thank you God for my plate…
Category: Life

Today has been one heckuva day.

It all began yesterday with a pretty nice sized land payment being due in 2 weeks instead of 2 months – but wait!!! It got soooo much more dramatic at 3am when Jeremy called to talk to me about the fact that he had left his clipboard (which held his fuel money) at the sale barn, and yes, it could not be found anywhere. He called the sheriff, they couldn’t find it either. They talked to all of the employees, but “of course” no one knew what clipboard he was talking about!

Both of these events turned very quickly into a $10,000.00 emergency. Jeremy was up most of the night driving, so of course he was doing some major praying. I had been woken up twice, so I decided I might as well stay awake for a while and petition God.

Miracle!!!! No, we still don’t have the money. We even tried to get a loan from our Credit Union, and because of our nasty credit (remember the tire shop?) they couldn’t help us. So still, we sit at the feet of a massive amount of money due ASAP. But, as I said, MIRACLE!!!! God is good, and I’m not sure how I can sanely say this, but I do thank him for what’s on our plate. Jeremy and I have learned that money holds no value to us, and all we do with it is try to make the math work. That’s all it is…a grown up math problem. Sure, we’re gonna have vendors very upset with us, but they will have to get glad as quick as they get mad, because no money will be coming their way this month. We’ve got a roof over our heads, lights, heat, food and each other…that will be all that our money will be providing this September of 2006.

Oh, the miracle? The fact that we are at peace with where God has led us. The fact that we could come to a decision without argument, crying, fighting or even disagreeing.

God is good and God is surely great…and he puts a lot on our plate. Thanks.

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