Saturday, October 07, 2006

what if…
Current mood: contemplative
Category: Friends

What if we treated our best friends the way we treat our husbands?

What if we told our best friends when they came to visit it was their turn to watch the kids?

What if we only called our best friends when we wanted something from them?

What if we didn’t like our best friends to hang out with other friends?

What if we waited till our best friends came over, then informed them they were cooking dinner?

What if we told our best friends they don’t take care of their kids the way we think their kids should be cared for?

What if we didn’t pick up the house before our best friends came over to hang out after work – then told them how tired we were and could they please vacuum?

What if we spent all of our time alone with our best friends watching TV, reading a book, or surfing the internet?

What if we always got upset with our best friends when they don’t behave the way we want them to?

What if we called our best friends names?

What if we seldom told our best friends how much we appreciate and love them?

What if??? What do you think? We wouldn’t have any best friends…

Currently listening:
Anything Worth Saying
By Aaron Shust

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