I’m at a loss for words…

I cannot believe I’m posting this. Posting as if it actually happened – and it’s not just a bad dream. Gma Rhonda died today. Some of you know her, some not…but those who do, realize how completely shocking and devastating this is. Papa Boyd called Jeremy tonight and told him. Jeremy has not shed one tear. He’s either being very stoic and grateful she’s no longer in pain, or it hasn’t really hit him. How could it have? This is the woman who taught him of Christ’s love, who took him in as her own son, even when he broke up with her daughter. Rhonda treated him and loved him as though he was her son and she was his mom. Boyd is the only real father Jeremy has ever known – and he respects him as such. Oh my goodness…I cannot wrap my head around this. Caedmon and I just saw her 3 days ago, delivering her Mother’s Day gift and pics of the kiddos. I look back over what I’ve written so far, and can’t keep the tears from falling. She’s gone.

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