Whoa there, pardner…

So, Jeremy and Jonathan come home Saturday night pulling a horse trailer. My first thought? “Oh, good, something else to sit in the yard.” Once the pickup was turned off, I heard bellowing. Yes, bellowing. As in “moooooooo”. Mmhmmm….they brought home not one, but TWO bucket calves. Why, you might ask, as I was? Well, to fatten them up and sell them – duh! Apparently, Jonathan has been doing a fine job working at the dairy, so the dairy sold him 2 newborns at $20 a piece – then he’ll turn around and sell them back to the feedlot. The same feedlot that the dairy owns…like they don’t raise their own calves!!! Oh no, they have to “sell” them to Jonathan, just to turn around in a few months to buy them back at 10 times the selling price. Yeah, pretty much, they just wanted to get under my skin. And they did. Big time. Look at these pics of these stupid(cute) and annoying(adorable) little babies!!

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