Monday, January 21, 2008

Invalid Entry: Evidently, I cannot leave the subject line blank.
Current mood: apathetic
Category: Pets and Animals
K, so you know how sometimes you feel like you want to just break down and cry, but you don’t know what on earth for? When you feel like you’re upset with someone, or feel hurt by them, but really don’t have a valid reason for feeling that way? Or when you feel completely exhausted by the world and the fact that it seems to be perched on your shoulders, alone? Here I am…when you know how many things should be done, but you just can’t seem to get yourself that far in your day? When you evaluate what money needs to be spent on, but then revert to what it has to be spent on? Taxes, doctor appointments, taking your 4 year old to the dentist for the first time, fixing and declawing the new housecat that you convinced your husband to let in from outdoors? All of this needs done, but bills have to be paid, as usual. Getting out of debt sometimes feels like it will take forever when it continues to pile at your feet, huh? There’s always something. Here I am…Or when you feel so fat, so ugly, so out of touch, so unlovable? So uncaring, so complacent, so sad, so alone – even when you have been given more than any human being in their right mind could possibly expect or ask for? Here I am…Perhaps, my meds need adjusting…Maybe, the weather is playing tricks on my mind (it’s 6 degrees below zero-that seems tricky to me)…Could it be, that I’m beginning to spin? My head hasn’t felt straight in a few days…Ya know?

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